Current State

The main goal of this project is to create a fairly robust, customizable engine that will provide a tool for creating sophisticated game interaction in an easy to expand way. So, what that means is, a focus on generating an engine where the gameplay aspects are easily extendable, and not worrying obsessively about some of the other elements.

So, the graphics are never going to rival or use the latest and greatest features, it is just going to be designed to allow a nice smooth interactive experience. I'll spend more time on the interface controls probably, than the graphics engine itself. Just because I feel that is where A) I'm good, and B) where most people's gripes start. Providing a nice suite of controls is an important part of the project.

Currently, the interface is the main functional aspect. It's not to the higher standards I have for it, but it has proven itself to be flexible, and easy to implement new controls.

Current Goals

This a list of the current goals I'm working on for the engine:

  • Create XML loading method for GUI control properties
  • Create basic game object library, allowing for some sort of entities to live in the world
  • Improve terrain look and performance
  • Enhancements to scene management library, goes with creation of game objects